Sometimes it’s a Hit… Sometimes it’s NOT…

Tuesday, 20 January 2009, 3:57 | Category : Uncategorized
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Hey there! I have been absent for a few days pondering the hour long Iron Man Video that I taped. It was boring to watch, more boring to edit, and I fell asleep until now actually… But I am back!

I will be posting more recipes in the days to come, more posts, and more funny stories (I hope)… and I wanted to thank you for being patient. It was a long week!

Tune in tomorrow, or the next day and comment on the new posts… or go comment on the old posts… or tell me something is great or something sucks, but don’t just passively read… this is a give and take!

4 Comments for “Sometimes it’s a Hit… Sometimes it’s NOT…”

  1. 1The Big Sister

    heck an artist in the kitchen can take a break now and again. I was wondering what was up and glad to see nothing bad is going on. I made the Thai Soup for a friend and he says he may have to marry me now it was so good! I did it a little of my own “Dr It Up” :)

  2. 2The Big Sister

    WTF? Quit your pondering and post some stories or recipes or something. Mom and I are tired of waiting ;)

  3. 3The Big Sister

    BTW I just made an awesome dinner of rice tossed with romano cheese and green onions along side a very tender filet mignon, preceded by very fresh and crunchy spinach salad all enjoyed with a nice bottle of Washoe Pines wine. Wish you were here!


  1. 1. terrance

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