The Iron Man Self Challenge… I am Insane!

Monday, 12 January 2009, 5:22 | Category : ZZZ... Thoughts
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I have watched ‘Iron Chef’ since the very beginning… when it was only Asian Iron Chef Chefs. And, y’know what? The game has definitely changed. I remember when there was, perhaps, one assistant, who could chop like a freaking mad man, and blend like a really bad ass bartender, but that was about all they were allowed to do… Now, it seems, there is a team of culinary graduates on either side, backing up each chef. They can all flambe’, and they all know what Quenelles are. Not only do they know what they are, but they can make an assortment of them in the sidelines while the “Iron Chef” is being interviewed by Alton Brown while busily food processing something. (Did they have food processors in the very beginning of the show?)

I usually spend Sundays lazily making things that I think I will want for lunches throughout the week. Roasted Chicken for sandwiches, a soup, or some kind of potato or macaroni salad… y’know, things I can grab on the run after I have ’snoozed’ myself into a lunatic morning mad dash.

I wanted to film each one, but it would have been hours of me lazily meandering through my kitchen, taking breaks, dissappearing off camera for 15 minutes or so at a time … and all of that would have meant an immense amount of work in the ‘post show’, the editing, to make it even remotely interesting.

So in an effort to save myself a lot of work, or you a lot of boredom, I came up with my own Iron Chef Challenge. A self challenge if you will. I decided to take all of the things that I would want next week and make as much as I possibly could in the length of one, 1 hour digital tape.

Here was the menu:

Broiled Chicken Breast meat for sandwhiches
Salsa (Dr’d up from a base)
Red Beans and Rice (from a box)
Potato Salad (from scratch)
Deviled Eggs
Oatmeal Cookies
And get the ingredients into the Breadmaker. (It takes hours to bake).

None of these recipes has anything to do with a Microwave. None of the ingredients were pre-chopped, or even out on the counter.

It will take me a couple of days to do the editing and get the video uploaded… so how do you think I did? Did I complete it all? What do you think I completed?

What do you think you could complete from that list… c’mon… if you really tried, how much could you do in just one hour to set yourself up for the week?

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4 Comments for “The Iron Man Self Challenge… I am Insane!”

  1. 1The Big Sister

    Well since it took me 3 hours to make a simple lasagna last night I would say I’d be pretty damn hungry for a week!

  2. 2Carolee

    I have never watched Iron Man. What have I missed.

  3. 3Wendy

    Well heck. It’s worth flying you up here to watch you cook like a mad woman in my “pocket kitchen” for an hour. That would be hilarious to watch. I’d give you a edge for the first hour, I’d put all my pots and pans and utensils out so you don’t have to hunt in my kitchen.

  4. 4Charlee

    What a joy to find smoeone else who thinks this way.

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