Here It Is… Baking Cookies With Zachary!

Thursday, 1 January 2009, 5:34 | Category : Dessert
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So everyone knows that I had not seen my son for a full year. This is a little gratuitous filming to immortalize the little time I had with him.


3 Comments for “Here It Is… Baking Cookies With Zachary!”

  1. 1The Big Sister

    Hey look, I spotted the white tree that used to be yellow until it was dunked in the swimming pool? Right?
    A very cute video, and I’ll just bet Zach will be making some of those cookies up for his buddies with fond memories.

  2. 2Shambolam

    OHMYGAWD! That is so funny! The whole world didn’t need to know about it… but that is the tree!

  3. 3chuck norris jokes


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