The Making of a Hard Boiled Egg…

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In my last post I mentioned that I wanted to teach someone how to cook. I said that I had actually found the man. A man who had never hard boiled an egg. What I didn’t say is how lucky I am to have that man in my life, how fortunate I am that he wants to learn to cook, and how hysterical it is that he is willing to go through this video process with me.

Because this video was so impromptu, the lighting is completely off. Sorry about that one. We didn’t have a tri-pod, which was a disadvantage in some aspects, but really made the whole thing that much funnier… and don’t ask me how we came up with the idea for the recipe because I haven’t a clue. I only know that quite suddenly, and quite late at night, it became very important to me to show David how to boil an egg, and that the hummus that I didn’t like… that I gave to him because I didn’t like it… was going to be incorporated into the best egg salad sandwich I have ever had.

The hummus that we used was Trader Joe’s brand, White Bean and Basil.

I think I want that hummus back.

Life Revolves Around Food…

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It’s been a long 10 months… and that is noooo Joke! I haven’t touched this website since January and, since then, so many changes have happened. The last video I did was last Christmas with my son - and within weeks my life completely blew up!

Without boring anyone with a horrible, and horribly long story, I just want to say… I’m BAAAACK.

I don’t know how often I will post… it may be a gradual come back… but I am determined to get more Cookbyists on this website than just the ones looking for Pho’ Soup directions… It’s a problem only a blogger could understand… No worries.

Also, there will be more dinner parties, and videos of those. I have had many in these last few months and almost forgot how much I love them. I have never shared them and I want to include more of that in my life, and in my work here. I want people to understand the value of friends combined with food. I want to share more of why I cook. Food brings people together, creating events and memories, and I want you to feel comfortable and confident in giving a dinner party for 2 or 22. Life revolves around food; thank god food does not revolve around my life.

I want to share the people I share my food with… The people who share my love of food… and the people that inspire me to cook a great meal.

I want to teach someone to cook, and I found the guy… a man who, until last night, had never hard boiled an egg on his own. A daunting task, I know… but everyone needs a daunting task in their life.

I am single after 9+ years, part of the reason for the 9 month hiatus, and I want you to know how cooking has given me peace of mind, and strength, and continuity. It has brought me joy, and laughter, and new friends.

I want to share the social aspect of cooking, rather than just show you the recipes. I want you to laugh while you learn… and I don’t care if it’s with me or at me.

I am not a chef. I cook for a hobby and sometimes feel like an artist. I am a cookbyist in the truest sense of a non-word, and want to share that world with you.

I am making spare ribs tonight and downloading a video showing my friend how to Dr. It Up! an egg salad sandwhich. I haven’t seen the video. You may get both, or you may only get the recipe. Either way… the sandwich was delightful.

Talk to you Sooner than later!

Sometimes it’s a Hit… Sometimes it’s NOT…

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Hey there! I have been absent for a few days pondering the hour long Iron Man Video that I taped. It was boring to watch, more boring to edit, and I fell asleep until now actually… But I am back!

I will be posting more recipes in the days to come, more posts, and more funny stories (I hope)… and I wanted to thank you for being patient. It was a long week!

Tune in tomorrow, or the next day and comment on the new posts… or go comment on the old posts… or tell me something is great or something sucks, but don’t just passively read… this is a give and take!

The Iron Man Self Challenge… I am Insane!

Monday, 12 January 2009, 5:22 | Category : ZZZ... Thoughts
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I have watched ‘Iron Chef’ since the very beginning… when it was only Asian Iron Chef Chefs. And, y’know what? The game has definitely changed. I remember when there was, perhaps, one assistant, who could chop like a freaking mad man, and blend like a really bad ass bartender, but that was about all they were allowed to do… Now, it seems, there is a team of culinary graduates on either side, backing up each chef. They can all flambe’, and they all know what Quenelles are. Not only do they know what they are, but they can make an assortment of them in the sidelines while the “Iron Chef” is being interviewed by Alton Brown while busily food processing something. (Did they have food processors in the very beginning of the show?)

I usually spend Sundays lazily making things that I think I will want for lunches throughout the week. Roasted Chicken for sandwiches, a soup, or some kind of potato or macaroni salad… y’know, things I can grab on the run after I have ’snoozed’ myself into a lunatic morning mad dash.

I wanted to film each one, but it would have been hours of me lazily meandering through my kitchen, taking breaks, dissappearing off camera for 15 minutes or so at a time … and all of that would have meant an immense amount of work in the ‘post show’, the editing, to make it even remotely interesting.

So in an effort to save myself a lot of work, or you a lot of boredom, I came up with my own Iron Chef Challenge. A self challenge if you will. I decided to take all of the things that I would want next week and make as much as I possibly could in the length of one, 1 hour digital tape.


My Little Wrap of Joy…

Tuesday, 6 January 2009, 6:05 | Category : Chicken/Poultry Recipes, Pasta/Italian, Uncategorized
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I am not sure if I am really going to do this, but I feel like doing it.

I am thinking of Banning all Kraft Products from my home. Thinking about it… Not sure if I could really do it. Just thinking about it.

Let me explain…

About a month ago, I learned about a Kraft Video Recipe Contest whereby you were to videotape yourself cooking one of their recipes. There were 10 choices and I chose their ‘Chicken Parmesan Bundles’. Now, prior to that I had the idea that I would never show my face in one of my videos… shooting them after work, worrying about hair, makeup, lighting… clothes… God, what a pain! But the Kraft Video Challenge, and my greed (you could win $1,000), changed my mind, almost immediately.


Dear God… I Am Soooo Sorry….

Sunday, 4 January 2009, 23:53 | Category : Casserole, Chicken/Poultry Recipes, Latin Recipes
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If ever there was a gluttonous entree this one would have to rank in the top three. I say entree because, of course, there are many a gluttonous desert… but as entrees go… with two cups of Heavy Whipping Cream and copius amounts of cheese, this one could, quite possibly, be numero uno in the gluttony category.

I adressed gluttony in my “7 Deadly Sins” post on crab. What I didn’t say in that post is that there is a cure. A wipe out. A do over if you will.

You see, if you are really, really sorry for having committed one of the deadly sins, and you admit to it, then you are forgiven. Pretty convenient, I must admit, while I apologize profusely in between bites.

I even apologize upfront for the leftovers I will eat for lunches next week!


Luncheon at The Biltmore…

Friday, 2 January 2009, 6:04 | Category : ZZZ... Thoughts
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It’s New Years Day. I am in Tempe, Arizona. I didn’t wake up until 11 am… Yawn… Stretch… I feel like a cat.

It was 72 degrees by 1pm. It’s a beautiful way to start the New Year, except… Spud has to take something to an account.

But wait… The account is the Biltmore Hotel… One of the absolute Premier Resorts in all of the land! Really.

On they have the following description:

“Once accessible by invitation only, this Phoenix resort is set on 39 acres of manicured gardens and tiled pools, a half-mile from Wrigley Mansion and less than 4 miles from Camelback Mountain.”


Here It Is… Baking Cookies With Zachary!

Thursday, 1 January 2009, 5:34 | Category : Dessert
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So everyone knows that I had not seen my son for a full year. This is a little gratuitous filming to immortalize the little time I had with him.


Unfortunately… it’s time for bed…

Wednesday, 31 December 2008, 6:25 | Category : Dessert
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OK… I have been working hours on this video and now can’t get it uploaded on YouTube… so you will have to wait one more night for the awesome video of my Son and I…

I apologize, but I have to go to bed.


Monday Night… Back to it…

Tuesday, 30 December 2008, 5:20 | Category : Dessert
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Zachary, my son, and I made a video of baking the best Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies ever. I am editing it as we speak right now. He made it back to Seattle safely, thank you everyone, and now we are planning our next get together.

As I edit the film I think about how funny he is… all 18 and 3/4’s of him… and how he has changed very little from the time he was just a baby.

He has always enjoyed making people feel good, and laugh, and even though he is an 18 year old male, he is willing to go to embarrassing lengths to achieve this… which you will see in the video.

It will be up by tomorrow night at around 9pm Mountain time, so stay tuned as I fine tune the final edit.

By the way, the cookies turned out awesome!